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    I sysadmin for a small wireless isp that has 3200 customers. Our current setup is qmail/vpopmail/squirrelmail/qmailadmin.

    I want to first, switch the 3600 email accounts to plesk email account so the customer can go into the control panel and adjust their spam,etc..

    So, for this, I would need the Plesk server with virus. (a very fast server because that is a lot of scanning,etc..)

    Ok, next, I would like to offer my customers the sitebuilder product, web hosting/domain hosting. I would like an automated system that they can sign up on and it takes care of credit card billing. (on their email control panel, I want it to advertise the additional paid products)

    Is this where I would buy HSPcomplete? It would integrate with the plesk server?The sales guy told me to just read the documentation which I'm going through right now. I just think the site doesn't answer enough questions and I don't want to go read user manuals to figure out what configuration I need.

    Thanks for any help,
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    yes, this is where you need HSPcomplete.

    So, first you migrate your email accounts to Plesk, then install HSPcomplete and import information about all your customers into HSPcomplete for automated billing, upgrades, credit card charges, etc.

    BTW, do you have these mail accounts setup under the same domain or under individual domains?
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    Ah, thanks so much for the reply. Yes, we have 1 domain with about 3300 email accounts, 1 with 300 and we're aquiring 4 companies which will bring our subscriber base to 7000 or so.

    I'm very worried about performance. I had to buy the two scanning boxes because my older 4 cpu linux box couldn't keep up with email scanning, pop3 and imap(webmail). The Plesk sales guy told me 1 domain cannot span more than 1 physical server.

    So, I'm going to buy a quad xeon with 6 gig of ram for my plesk box. Migrate my qmail users over. Then purchase HSP and 'migrate' these customers over to that then try to upsell them.

    The sales guy said I can add sales icons to their control panels so I can offer them hosting and they can still use their email login for not only their email, but their hosting account/sitebuilder. I hope that is true.

    Thanks again for your help and if you or anyone can add more information, I would appreciate it.

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    For the individual mailboxes if they're on one domain HSPcomplete can't help natively. You'd need to write some scripts to allow it to manage them. It can only assist with 1 (or more) domain per customer.

    For selling hosting, sitebuilder, etc. HSPc is a great solution.

    My personal preference would be to run antivirus/antispam on a separate server (or servers) to the mailserver acting as gateways, and they'd act as backup MX also.

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