Configure single TLD as incl. domain for hosting plan

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  1. Netzhaus

    Netzhaus Kilo Poster

    We want to configure a hosting plan (plesk domain) which includes a single .de domain.
    But the customer should be able to buy additional domains of any TLD we offer and use it as an alias for this hosting.

    In the configuration for the plesk domain hosting plan I can define one domain registration hosting plan.
    If I limit this to .de registration only, the customer would not be able to add other TLD domains to this hosting.
    If I configure the domain registration plan for all TLDs, the customer will be able to choose any TLD as inclusive domain.

    Any suggestions how to build this?
  2. Netzhaus

    Netzhaus Kilo Poster

    Maybe I found a way to build somthing that comes close to my requirements:
    Created two domain registration hosting plans. One for all TLDs and one for the TLDs, I want to offer as free inclusive domains.
    The standard plan is available in the shop an the cp, the second one not.
    Then I configured a plesk domain hosting plan using the free domain registration plan (and configured a waiving domain registration fee promotion).
    For customers who want to order a plesk domain hosting with another domain than the free ones, I created a copy of the plesk domain hosting plan using the first (standard) domain registration plan.

    I hope this will work as I expect it should do.

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