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  1. Amin Taheri

    Amin Taheri Product Expert

    Is it possible to cluster the main Plesk interface that the customer would be logging into in order to manage their domains, hosting, etc? It would be nice in case one server is having issues, or we need to do any maintenance (updates/upgrades, MU, etc) and not have any service disruptions. Even if this was done through a BigIP or some other traffic routing device, just the abillity to have multiple of these controller nodes - is this possible or is this in development/planning?
  2. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    Hi, Amin,
    We are thinking about this, but the solution isn't that really simple. You are not looking for a clustered application here. The primary and backup servers cannot run on a shared file system or the same DB, because the primary requirement is independent upgrades. This means that you are asking for a standby system, which could be put into service at the moment when the primary fails or is taken out for maintenance. The synchronization process is the key problem here, especially when you want to bring up to speed the primary system after it was upgraded, while the old one is still running the old software. In general, there is no universal solution for that, and we'd have to code the backward synchronization manually for each upgrade. This is painful.

    On the other hand, is CP accessibility is so crucial for the customers? In my opinion the service node availability is priority 0, and the control panel is priority 2 taking into account that your services are still running. Even major banks are pretty often take out customer access for the weekend. If you would choose, what you'd prefer to do first - clustering your control panel or the service nodes?

    Andrey Andriatis

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