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Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by Mistery, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Mistery

    Mistery Kilo Poster

    I succesfully installed HSPcomplete 3.0 on a test machine running Fedora Core 1 and received an email containing administrator login details but... they don't work (always getting login incorrect).
    Is there a way to check/update the administrator password in mysql database ?
    I looked into aspc.account table and there are 4 rows with admin infos and different account types but no password.
    Any advice ?
  2. Mistery

    Mistery Kilo Poster

    Sorry, I forgot to say that when I try to retrieve the password through thr "Forgot your password ?" link I get Unknown email error...
  3. mbraak

    mbraak Guest

    I have the same error
  4. mbraak

    mbraak Guest

    Got the solution!
    You have to use a FQDN as hostname.
    If you just enter a hostname withou a domein things dont work.
  5. SupportTeam

    SupportTeam Guest

    You may login to HSPc system via ssh and run /usr/share/hspc-config/hspc-show-login-info script.
    The script should display detailed login information.

    Yuri Tarasov
    SWsoft Support Team
  6. Mistery

    Mistery Kilo Poster

    Here are the login information:

    [root@hsptest root]# /usr/share/hspc-config/hspc-show-login-info
    VERSION: 3.0.0
    LOGIN: root@hsptest
    PASSWORD: byuedec9u
    URI: http://hsptest/pcc/
    URI_DESC: http://hsptest/pcc/
    [root@hsptest root]#

    I tried that one but I still get "Login incorrect. Please try again."
  7. gper

    gper Kilo Poster

    Dear guys,
    i have the same problem.
    SW-soft told me that i have to create a pair of
    DNS on 2 unique IPs and first make the domain work.
    If the domain is not active , the HSPC does not work.

    Is there any body know how can i create the pair of NS

    Thank you
  8. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guru

    gper - If you have not registered your 2 nameservers, you must do so by going to your domain registrar company and following their instructions to register new nameservers.

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