Can i stop apache from restarting after new domain

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  1. bizzehdee

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    is it possible to set an option in the psa database anywhere that will prevent apache from rebooting every time a new domain/subdomain is added/removed/suspended/activated. we are having problems that we are adding and suspending new domains throughout the day and every time we do, apache restarts, dropping all the websites until it comes back online, which can take 15 -20 seconds, which may not sound like a lot, but as a web design company, the server should never be down.

    what we would rather happen is that all the configs are changed/added as normal, but apache is not restarted and we will create a cron job that restarts apache to reflect the new configs at midnight every night to avoid any notable downtime.
  2. AntonLS

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    There is an option "Apache restart interval" in "Tools & settings -> Server Settings".
    With this option you can delay apache restarting on specified number of seconds.

    Also, you can modify apache restart script to do not restart until special condition (environment variable exist or something else) but it is a dirty hack.

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