BUG?: starting PEM on node requires communication via external IP address to CP

Discussion in 'Plesk Automation Suggestions and Feedback' started by GregorL, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. GregorL

    GregorL Kilo Poster

    Software: MSP new build (1.0.1?)

    Added a node1 using IP External as shared and IP Internal as Exclusive.

    When starting PEM on node1 it hangs for several minutes and then says [FAILED] even though PEM is running.
    under /usr/local/pem/etc I noticed in pleskd.props

    kernel_resolver_ior=corbaloc:iiop:[EXTERNAL MSP CP IP]:8354/ObjectResolver

    plesk seems to want to communicate via external IP with the MSP server.
    When I open the firewall on the MSP CP server the pem service on node one starts immediately.

    I think since I defined the INTERNAL IP for cluster communications during node setup, the node should talk via INTERNAL IP to the INTERNAL IP of the CP Server?
  2. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    Hi, GregorL,

    What happens here is that the management node normally installs on an internal IP, and the service nodes point at this IP, which you call EXTERNAL MSP CP IP. In reality it is not external. We configure external https access to this IP for simplicity, just to be operational right out of the box. Full POA installation even keeps this IP open on http access, assuming it is always on the internal network. The external access is configured via branding sites, which have different IPs and URLs, and internally redirect to the management node IP. Later in the project when well introduce branded access, you will see this configuration in MSP as well.
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