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Discussion in 'Performance Questions' started by bob231, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. bob231

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    Is there anything we can do to speedup the backup browse at the PVA GUI?
    We use 4.7 in linux. It takes over 15min to go from one to another folder, its so annoying, really hope for a way to make a bit faster. Thanks!!!
  2. Dave W

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    Hi bob,
    Are you runnung PCS or VZ on the nodes?
  3. bob231

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  4. IP^__^

    IP^__^ Odin Team


    1) Could you please specify the exact versions of PVA Agent,MN and Virtuozzo?
    They can be simply found by the following command (should be executed on HN and inside the container with MN):
    # rpm -qa \*release

    2) Navigate to the backup folder. The default one is /vz/backups:
    [root@vz4 ~]# vzabackup --view-folder localhost
    path = /vz/backups/
    login =

    Please try to perform the following command:
    # time vzarestore --browse bb602fc5-5cc2-174e-8d83-db9530f0b077/20140814145610 -d /
    Listing content of backup: bb602fc5-5cc2-174e-8d83-db9530f0b077/20140814145610 for directory: '/'
    drwxrwxrwx 1 0 Thu Jan 1 03:00:00 1970 /.
    drwxrwxrwx 1 0 Thu Jan 1 03:00:00 1970 /..
    drwx------ 2 16.00 Kb Fri Dec 6 12:54:33 2013 /lost+found
    dr-xr-xr-x 2 4.00 Kb Thu Mar 6 13:49:29 2014 /sbin

    real 0m1.170s
    user 0m0.063s
    sys 0m0.010s

    Where "bb602fc5-5cc2-174e-8d83-db9530f0b077/20140814145610" should be replaced with the correct backup id which can be found using:
    # vzarestore -l -f
    Show existing backups...
    CTID: 107
    Title: nfs.ip
    Type: full
    BackupID: bb602fc5-5cc2-174e-8d83-db9530f0b077/20140814145610 <--- this one
    Parent environment:
    Size: 589.48 Mb
    Creation date: 2014-08-14T165610+0004

    3) If the time from the console will be the same as in the PVA MN then you need to increase the PVA Agent log level:
    # sed -i 's/<log_level>5<\/log_level>/<log_level>3<\/log_level>/g' /var/opt/pva/agent/etc/vzagent.conf
    After that restart of PVA Agent is needed to reload changes:
    # pvaagent restart

    4) Reproduce the issue from the console:
    # date; time vzarestore --browse bb602fc5-5cc2-174e-8d83-db9530f0b077/20140814145610 -d /;date;

    5) Attach /var/log/pva/agent/$CURRENT_DATE-vzagent.log log as well as the output of the command in previous step (step 4).

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