Bootcamp 1.1 supports iSight, paralels to follow?

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by JWM, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. JWM

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    Bootcamp 1.1 supports iSight, paralells to follow?

    One missing item in Parallels is Isight support. surentenly missed by me.. now bootcamp has Isight support in new version 1.1 does this mean dll is available now? Mt whish: get this support in paralelles ASAP.

    Jan Willem
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  2. MCal

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    Please make it so Parallels..... Beyond this I dont care if you don't add another feature for years!!!

  3. Edd

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    i read the macrumors articlae and cme here to ask the same question.
  4. Olivier

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    Why not try the BootCamp provided drivers?

    Have you tried using BootCamp 1.1 to produce the famous Drivers CD it burns for you during the setup? And then have you tried installing the iSight drivers from that CD in your XP machine running in the Parallels VM?

    My guess is there are some slight chances this works.

    I don't see why Parallels should be responsible for delivering drivers for Mac devices on Windows. As long as the USB support in Parallels is enough to interface with such a device as the iSight, if the native Windows drivers are available (which they are now with BootCamp 1.1), it should work.

    The only flaw in this is that, maybe, USB 2.0 support is required for a device as the iSight.
  5. JWM

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    part of toolset?

    I agree P. is not responsible. But it wants to be the best VM around, seamlessly integrated in the mac (currently all being issued with isight... is parallels responsible for 3d grafics animation etc etc? But it is working on that as well... I love parallels for it nicely closes gaps, I have bought in to Intel mac from the windows environement I came from and still partely are depended upon.

    Now unlucky me nowbody I know uses ichat...(or apple or aol for that matter). One of the daily routines is to use parallels to run native windows msn (The biggest IM in the netherlands by far! and used by all my buddies) . I have used aMSN and others but still did not find the webcam capability. an other solllution could be, and upfront i submit not in the interest of paralels at all, let alone their responsibility: iChat opens up to other IM's and VOIP apps preferabaly MSN and skype for me. I do not see this happening for some long time do you?


    PS if somebody tries and test the bootcamp dll methode suggested I certainly am eager to learn results.
  6. Olivier

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    Unfortunately, I just learned it has been tested already and seems to fail. Assuming for USB 2.0 requirement. Oh, well.
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    Can somebody post the correct link please? It doesn`t work.

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