Best way to upgrade old CTs that are managed by PBAS

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    We have a number of old CTs that we would like to bring up to date, but we are unsure of the best way to go about doing this in a PBAS environment. All of these old CTs are based on non-EZ templates (FC2, CentOS 4.5) and we would like to upgrade them to the latest CentOS 5 template and Plesk 9.2.x. I know there is no direct upgrade path and that we are faced with completely replacing the CTs. We have thought about doing it as follows:

    1. Perform Plesk backup on old CT
    2. Shut down old CT
    3. Renumber old CT to a new CTID
    4. Create a new CT with old CT's original CTID using CLI tools
    5. Configure new CT with old CT's IPs.
    6. Restore Plesk backup within new CT

    Does anyone see a problem with this? Am I missing anything? What will happen with PBAS? Is there a better way to go about this?


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    I do not know if you have completed this but I do this work for clients all the time and am happy to share my process for PBAs.

    Schedule down time as there will be some down time.

    In PBAs, Under Virtuozzo Manager, Node, Container, Network Tab - replace all the IPs with availble temp IPs. Keep track of Default IP and other IPS.

    In PBAs, build new container based off new Container w/Plesk plan. Use the original IPs that made their way back to the pool. After the VPS is up and running and before logging into new Plesk to install license. Go do new containers network tab and make sure the correct IP is configured as default IP.

    Now go to Plesk, configure defaul IP as shared and potential dedicated IPs as such and then install license.

    Now use the migration manager to migrate from old Plesk. Migrate everything as Client structure so that proper structure is maintained for PBAs. You will see that in this process, the original IPs map to the domains properly. This also will allow no changes to DNS and as domains deploy they will come back online.

    Now, go into PBAs, Click on the Plesk node that these containerdomains are on. Click on general settings tab and edit. Scroll down the page and make sure the new containers Server and Container ID are configured properly for the new Plesk Container. This will resync any dedicated IPs. At this step, you can also adjust the admin password if changed from old server as well as change the hostname.

    Depending on how long your system takes between syncs, you may need to just go through each domain and sync so the database information is good to go for clients logging into the customer control panel.

    I have been using this process since the early days of HSPc without issues. Once your happy that everything is good, just delete the old containers. You do not want to build containers on the command line as they will not properly sync with PBAs.

    If you have futher questions you can contact me at

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