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Discussion in 'PSA 2.5 'How Do I' Questions' started by Keyz316, Aug 17, 2002.

  1. Keyz316

    Keyz316 Guest

    Hi -

    I posted this in the 2.0 category but got no replies...

    I have a server that is running:
    psa v2.0.0_build010911.01 os_RedHat 7.x (7.1)

    I would like to upgrade to Plesk 2.5, but wanted to check if the backup utility will work considering how old my version is. I realize the utility only backs up my 2.0 stuff and restores to 2.5... though I just want to check if it will work at all for me since mine is so old and not listed in the compatibility section in the utility's readme.

    Also... can you advise on how I can safely backup my site files and mysql databases elsewhere ON the server (so I can copy them into place after the upgrade, and not have to reupload it all again).


    -- David
  2. Keyz316

    Keyz316 Guest

    is ANYONE going to help?
  3. Dan S.

    Dan S. Guest

    The backup/Restore utilities will not work on that version. You need to upgrade to 2.0.1 first, then you can use them. 2.0.1 is availible for download from our anonymous ftp.
  4. Scorpz

    Scorpz Guest

    Uh... I got psa v2.0.0_build010911.01 os_RedHat 7.x too. So, uh, what do I do? Just patch that right up with the 2.0.1 one? It says this in the instructions:

    What am I suppose to do here? How am I gonna upgrade it to PSA 2.0 build011011.15?
  5. Dan S.

    Dan S. Guest

    You will need to contact your Sales Manager, as you have a version that is too old to upgrade.
  6. Keyz316

    Keyz316 Guest

    Dan - is my version (top post in this thread) too old as well to upgrade to 2.0.1? Or should I go ahead with it?
  7. Dan S.

    Dan S. Guest

    You have the same version. It can not be upgraded to 2.0.1.
  8. Keyz316

    Keyz316 Guest

    hm lol in that case - is there any way to at least hackjob a qmail upgrade in (dont care if it ruins things)... I'm about to switch servers and a spammer abused some kind of insecurity in my system, which got my IP on a few of the open relay blacklists... the server has no open relay, but qmail fails the tests --- I really don't want to leave a "soiled" IP for the next person.

    Can you advise?
  9. Dan S.

    Dan S. Guest

    How bout simply closing your relay? Seems like the logical solution to me.
  10. Keyz316

    Keyz316 Guest

    Dan it IS closed... I'm saying qmail is "fooled" in this version - its a documented bug. I've done every relay check, including telnet to the smtp port and trying to mail with it, and others, etc etc etc - the relay is closed.

    Is is POSSIBLE to upgrade only qmail, and hopefully get 1 good response from ORDB before I shut this server off? Like I said I dont care about plesk working now, in fact in a few days the harddrive will be formatted - I am just trying to get the IP off the blacklists for the sake of the person who will have it next. It's only on like 2 lists but I still care.

  11. Dan S.

    Dan S. Guest

    I don't know of any such bug, but whatever. If you don't need it to work, why not firewall it? You can't simply upgrade qmail under PSA. If SMTP is disabled, there is absolutely NO way that you have an open relay. If you got listed somewhere, but no one else is listing you, you need to find out why, and get yourself delisted. If there was a real reason, you would be listed on every other RBL.

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