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    Once again... still trying to set PPA using Amazon Web Services.

    With AWS RDS (MySQL) you don't have an IP - you have an 'endpoint'. It will resolve to the internal ID. The problem is, you cannot access an RDS server via SSH. And, in PPA, you cannot add a service node unless you can access it via SSH.

    Any ideas on how to add an RDS as a service node?

    Without this feature, PPA will not be a good match for AWS.

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    Old thread here, but we're trying to do the same thing. We've added an RDS server as a Database Server and all the documentation for this now seems to be that this should work. However, we're getting this error in the task when trying to create a new webspace. MySQL attribute is applied correct, but it seems that PPA is only looking for a full fledged service node.

    Unable to find a proper service node for allocating the 'Apache Hosting' subscription.
    You should have at least one node that meets the following requirements:
    - The node provides the following service(s): 'ppa_mysql55'.
    - 'MySQL' attribute(s) are assigned to the node.
    - The node is marked as 'Ready to Provide'.
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