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    I have already posted a feature suggestion. Nonetheless I want to make an official post here in the forum.
    I'd really like to see a feature which allows you to choose an external file for the autoresponder. The textarea is not always a comfortable solution, above all for html.
    1. it's hard to keep the overview within the textarea. It's much simpler to create a html-file and choose this file for the autoresponder.
    2. and the more important reason for me is that I can permanently assign a html-file to the autoresponder and then I only need to change the text-message within this html-file. This file I can then assign to a content management system and the client can easily change the text himself. Without this feature there is no possibility to comfortably change the autoresponder-message and you always have to login to plesk. Therefore I would really appreciate this feature.

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    Sorry, as I've just recognised, the thread should be in Plesk Linux and not here in Plesk Automation!
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