Any of you using the wild west domains plugin?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SouthO, Sep 23, 2013.

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    Judging by the lack of posts and support on this plugin I feel like I'm the only PBA-s/WWD user.

    Just experienced a renewal that's failing. The response from WWD's API is
    'msg' => 'The shopper must agree to the legal terms of service.',

    WWD just made a required change to their api that will need coded into the dm-wwd plugin. Here's the details from WWD Support

    Thank you for contacting Reseller Support. The new API requirement is a string "agree" passed through acceptOrderTOS that needs to be added to the shopper object. This indicates that your customers accept our terms of service. For examples see below,
    VB.NET Example
    WsWWDAPI.Shopper shopper = new WsWWDAPI.Shopper();
    shopper.user = "123456";
    shopper.pwd = "password";
    shopper.acceptOrderTOS = "agree";
    JAVA Example
    Shopper shopper = new Shopper();
    PHP Example
    $shopper = new Shopper();
    $shopper->user = 123456;
    $shopper->pwd = "password";
    XML Example
    It took some trial and error and here's what works

    <wapi clTRID="HSPC.000000001">
    <shopper user="123456" acceptOrderTOS="agree" />
    <item productid="350012" quantity="1">
    <domainRenewal resourceid="domain:1324560" sld="domain" tld="com" period="1" />

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