1. Michael Barker

    Michael Barker Bit Poster

    Hey everyone, first time posting here so be nice....I just have a question in regards to how Plesk Automation works that I haven't been able to find online.

    I run a couple of different brands of web hosting and I've been eyeing up a value added service for a couple of weeks now, been also looking to upgrade the Control Panel for my H-Sphere environment to either Plesk and cPanel or to Plesk Automation. Ideally I'd like to give my Linux customers the choice of Plesk or cPanel but am not interested in multiple Plesk CPs for customers (Windows and Linux CPs, as well as having the option for cPanel on the Linux only side as I have customers who manage both Windows and Linux sites...I'd hate to give them 2 different CPs to log into). This is why Plesk Automation helps out so much.

    Now, the addon I'm looking at is Site.Pro, they couldn't advise if this would work or not but they DO provide an addon for Plesk 11 and 12 and if I was Windows OR Linux that wouldn't be a problem, but...since I want something I can deploy both on cPanel AND Plesk I am wondering...would addons that are compatible with Plesk 11 or 12 be also compatible with Plesk Automation Service Nodes? (I mean in THEORY it's a bunch of Service CPs with no actual customer-facing interface that talks back to a Management Node which is a CP all in itself....so I would think it works fine but instead of pressing a button and hoping for the best I figured I would check with you guys first).

    So long story short, are Plesk 12 plugins/addons OK to use/do they work in Plesk Automation? If you have any questions feel free to ask.


  2. Dave W

    Dave W Kilo Poster

    Put a test SN together and do some testing before using any plugins?

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