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    Ok, before I open a support ticket, I thought I would check here first. I have 4 class C's I need to enter into HSP. I want it to create the reverse entries for them. In reading this:
    I'm confused. First, they say that you just need to add the whole class C which is what I've done. But, nothing has changed in the named directories.

    Then they explain to edit the /var/named/named.zones file which doesn't exist. It does exist in the /var/named/chroot/var/named directory though.

    Second, do I just add the entry for my new IPs and it will take care of the rest? Granted I create a 'fake' domain like they say.

    Thanks for any help/advice,
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    Hi Tom.

    The article you're referring to applies to IP addresses which are not registered in HSPcomplete. I believe you do want the IP addresses to be registered in HSPcomplete.
    In this case you should just add your IP ranges in IP manager. Reverse zone is automatically created when you use an IP address for any service. HSPcomplete will automatically add all needed records.

    If you have any further questions please open a support ticket to let our team help you right on your system.

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    Ok, thanks Alex. I actually added the ip range to HSP, then created my own reverse entry in named.zones and created a fake domain and it worked great. Thanks for your follow up.


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