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    Hi all, I would like to add to all the sites and the next update existing already present, in the configurations of each domain tthe following code

    <VirtualHost IP:80>
    ServerName webmail
    ServerAlias ​​webmail. *
    DocumentRoot / var / www / roundcube
    **** <directories "/var/www/roundcube">
    ******** allow from all
    ******** php_flag magic_quotes_gpc Off
    ******** php_flag register_globals Off
    ******** php_flag include_path / usr / share / awl / inc
    **** </ Directory>
    </ VirtualHost>
    I tried to edit the file / usr / local / psa / admin / conf / templates / default / server / vhosts.php but got no change.

    How can I do? Can you help?
    Thank you very much
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  3. MirkoDitaly

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    I had already tried to follow the guidance. I remade for the sake, but nothing to do in the conf folder of the domain does not add the item indicated above. After you have used too --reconfigure-server and --reconfigure-all

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