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  1. adamjimenez

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    I'm trying to add postfix to the management node, according to the docs:

    I've assigned postfix via:

    Infrastructure -> Service Nodes -> <select server> -> General -> Attributes -> Assign -> Postfix

    But Postfix is not appearing under Applications or Services.
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  2. IgorG

    IgorG Guru

    But do you have "Postfix mail server" as Role and "Postfix" in Attributes for this service node? Have you checked any related unfinished tasks in Task Manager? Have you marked this Service Node as "Ready to provide"?
  3. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    Postfix is installed on the management node from the beginning. There is no need to additionally install it. But you should realize that this is a traditional Postfix installed with Plesk and managed by Plesk locally. This is not a server role installed and managed by the Infrastructure manager of PPA. So, it will work, but you won't see it in the provider panel. To manage it, you'll have to go to the Server tab in Plesk and use Plesk screens to control your local postfix installation.

    Some explanations about the attributes on the nodes. By assigning an attribute to the node you are not installing any new software there. An attribute just marks the node with it. The same attribute has to be assigned to a resource in the service template. When the system provisions a subscription it looks for attributes match between the nodes and the resources in the service template.

    Andrey Andriatis

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