554 5.7.1 Relay Access Denied for One Domain - Now Major Crisis

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    We have a PPA migrated e-mail server which didn't work for one domain. All other domains were fine.

    The message was 554 5.7.1 relay access denied.

    Thinking I'll use mchk to check the "configuration", I ended up in a much worse situation as before. Results of mchk is pasted below.

    The bottom line is now every single domain is giving 554 5.7.1 relay access denied now every message is bouncing to all domains.

    I'm trying to contain the situation by stopping postfix so that mail stops coming in. However, postfix seems to automagically restart itself.

    I've raised an urgent ticket with Parallels # 1737481 so that I can see if anyone can help.

    My guess is because mchk fails it aborts fixing the database and leaves everything inconsistent.

    [root@mail2 mailnames]# /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/mchk --with-spam
    ==> Checking for: mailsrv_conf_init... ok
    ==> Checking for: mail_handlers_init... ok
    ==> Checking for: mailsrv_entities_dump... fail
    ==> Checking for: mail_admin_aliases... fail
    ==> Checking for: mail_auth_dump... fail
    ==> Checking for: mailman_lists_dump... fail
    ==> Checking for: mail_kav8_restore... not exists
    ==> Checking for: mail_responder_restore... not exists
    ==> Checking for: vhostidmng... ok
    ==> Checking for: mail_postfix_transport_restore... fail
    ==> Checking for: mail_spam_restore... fail
    ==> Checking for: mail_grey_restore... fail
    ==> Checking for: mail_mailbox_restore... fail
    ==> Checking for: mail_spf_restore... fail
    ==> Checking for: mail_dk_restore... fail
    ==> Checking for: mail_drweb_restore... fail
    Errors occured in mail restore procedure
    Some utilities have exited with errors:
  2. eugenevdm

    eugenevdm Guru

    Plesk was really quick with their support and helped us fix the problem. Resolution:

    mchk utility should not be run on service nodes - it fully breaks mail service. I restored postfix database configuration files using article below:

    Still not sure what caused the original problem but at least everything is back to normal.

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